Fast Food Feline
Pet peeves at work


When I’m taking payment in the drive thru, clearly freezing my ass off and the person in the car takes their sweet ass time counting their exact change
When some smart ass kindly points out that I “must be cold” standing with the window opened taking their money.. Nope I’m actually quite warm but continue talking nonsense to me, I really don’t mind standing here chatting for 5 minutes with no mittens
When a manager asks me to do something that I was just about to do so they can take credit for it getting done
When customers drop their money whilst handing it to me through the window and refuse to give me other money cause “I” dropped it
When I give out the wrong change accidentally and I have to get a manager to come over and open my till so I can give the customer more change (it’s not cold outside or anything)
When customers have accents and I can’t understand them on the headset
When asians order large fries but I think they say large sprite and how frequently this actually occurs
When people drive insanely slow up to the window cause they’re counting their money
When I politely thank the customer for giving me the correct amount of money (as they should) and they just casually give me a blank stare
When customers give me a penny extra and say keep the change
When I get sent to clean the lobby and all the garbages are overflowing (even though I don’t change them.. ever regardless, just the idea)
When customers in the drive thru have their window up when a) they’re at the speaker and I’m trying to take their order so I have to say hi what can I get for you 7 times in order for them to place their goddamn order and b) they’re at the payment window and I open it and say their total just to find that I’ve said it to a closed window
When I say to drive up to the first window to pay and they pass the first window to the second..
When they pay with debit and I hand them the machine and they insert their chip too quickly so it says chip malfunction and they swipe the goddamn card and follow through with all the steps even though it is sure to be declined if you insert then swipe so they have to go through the entire chip process again. Even worse when I have to explain this process 749237383 times every day
When the children in the back seat try to make conversation with me
When people ask me what’s on every single burger (maybe you should fucking do your research before you get up to the speaker to order)
When people call me hun, dear, love, babe, etc.